COVID-19 Service Change & Impact

COVID-19 Service Change & Impact

Latest Updated on 07/22/2022

Free shipping for order 38+ to the US continental area¹. The 12% shipping surcharge for the US continental area¹ was removed.

Since COVID-19 logistics costs including HKPost and cargo flight has been raised significantly across the industry due to tight supply. In the beginning of COVID we expected the logistics inflated cost was temporary and thought of the situation was no lasting long. We were hoping and waiting for the international shipping costs to be restored back to the rates before COVID-19 so we kept the same price rate before COVID-19 and simply added 12% as surcharge to cover part of the increased logistic cost.  

We have realized the logistics cost dropping back to pre-COVID-19 time does not seem to happen given the evolving world-wide situations. We continue to subsidize part of the inflated shipping and goods costs and that we’ve removed the shipping surcharge and adapted the final prices appropriately to the current shipping and goods costs. Therefore, you may find the new prices of most products may be lower than the old rates with surcharge.

Keep the faith. We won’t give up monitoring and searching alternatives to lower the costs and offer the best for our fans. We will adjust the prices once the logistics costs get lower across the industry. We are launching a loyal program to reward and offer the exclusives for our fans. We thank you again for fans continuous support and appreciate your business. Order is all shipped from Hong Kong. We guarantee success delivery and offer compensation for any order issue. We will continue to offer follow-through support for your order.

High standard of services and quality is always on top of our mind regardless of any situation. Most of our orders are packed and shipped within 1-2 business days and meet fully fulfilled rate (mean not canceling items due to shortage). We have contracted with cargo flight. Most orders are shipped by cargo flight and the last mile local delivery is provided by USPS. Some orders with eligible requirements, including order amount, parcel size vs weight ratio, non-custom sensitive item, could be automatically free upgraded with DHL or FedEx or other Express services accordingly.

¹Free Shipping for order $38+ to the US continental states and it does not apply to the US outer islands including Hawaii and the area with first 3-digit zips code of 006-009, 967-969, 995-999 as the shipping cost is much higher caused by shortage of flight availability for these area. We will remove or reduce the surcharge accordingly to the shipping courier's shipping rate. We will remove or adjust once the HK Post imail service is resumed for this area. For this area, a flat shipping rate $20 is applied for order total under $110 or 12% shipping surcharge for order over $110. You will see the additional surcharge automatically appear for these states at check out before payment. 

Also, we have launched the Miko Rewards to return to the loyal fans. You can not only discount with purchase but get upgraded to higher tier to enjoy more offers, including discount coupons, gifts, priority and surprises.  

Again, we thank you so much for your support in the past difficult time and please expect our upcoming reward program for you and our US fans. For the coming year we will continue to offer innovation and more…