DAISO Makeup Sponge Varieties 大創 乾濕兩用化妝粉撲 25枚

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27.00 Grams
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Product made in Japan | Brand Origin: Japan
Product Function: Makeup

For concealer and Foundation application
Dry and Moist Use
Gentle texture
Good All Skin Type (including sensitive Skin)

上妝懶人必備神器! 透明自然裸妝肌的秘密! 對皮膚沒有刺激,敏感性皮膚者也適用哦!該粉撲為遮瑕膏、粉底膏專用,可以有效修飾眼角、需遮瑕位置等細小部位,眼妝必備。簡單完成細膩美麗妝容!易於清潔及保存,非常的柔軟好用。 Make your makeup looks transparent and natural with this puff. The puff is to assist concealer and foundation cream to evenly apply onto your face/eyes and dedicatedly to every corner. Good value for money. Easy to clean, to keep and to use.

How to Use: 
乾用:輕按粉餅以沾取適量粉妝,在肌膚上漸漸推展開。Dry Use: Saturate the puff with the appropriate amount of powder/cream/lotion and massage throughout the face. 

濕用:將海綿吸足水分,用力擰乾後使用.使用後或收存前,請確實將水氣充分陰乾。Moist Use:soak the puff with water and squeeze excess water out 

How to Keep: 
1.請用溫水加少量大創海棉粉撲洗劑,以重複壓擠方式將海綿深層污垢逼出,並以清水沖洗,待水氣完全蒸發後陰乾,才可收存或再次使用,可搭配日本大創DAISO 海綿粉撲專用清洗劑清洗。 Rinse with warm water and makeup tools cleanser. Squeeze few times until it's clean.
2.發現彈性不佳或變色時,請更換新品。 Replace once it's found poor elasticity and discoloration.
3.避免接觸高溫或日光照射。Avoid contact with high temperature or sunlight.



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