Store Policy

In order to protect your best interest and make sure you get what you pay for, the Risk-Free Shopping Policy, in general, covers product quality assurance, ordered items and shipment delivery.


I. Product Quality Assurance

Product legitimacy

We guarantee all our products are legitimate, real and authentic. If you receive not genuine product, we will refund you with 10 times the product price you paid.

We purchase all the products from legitimate, qualified and reputable suppliers and distributors, and then we store the products in our own temperature-controlled warehouse in HK and Japan. All products are shipped from our warehouse, and you do not purchase form 3rd party seller.

Product’s Shelf Life

In order to provide fresh product, we frequently re-stock new batch of products instead of retaining large volume of items in warehouse.

Most of the products have long shelf life. We ensure the products delivered to you meet the minimum shelf life standard and the shelf life no less than the following:  

-For food products:  60 Best before Days (products with mentioned short shelf life and clearance list products excluded).

-For products other than food (Masks/Skincare/Makeup/Health & Supplement/Personal Hygiene/Mom & Babies): at least 6 months

If your purchased item doesn’t not meet the above criteria, we will refund you. (See Order Change, Cancellation, Refund and Return Section)

II. Ordered Items

We usually take 1 to 2 business day to prepare and process order. There may be a slight chance order may be on hold due to item is in short and is on the way re-stocking.

There may be slight chance that the item may run out of stock after you place the order as supplier may run late to deliver to our warehouse. In that case we will have to decide if cancel your ordered item and refund you with the missing item and ship out the rest of the item.

We will email you immediately if we meet the situation above. Please reply back to our email as soon so we can release the order on-hold and ship it out ASAP.

All Sales are final, no cancellations will be issued.

Please contact for any question before making a payment. After a payment is made and before shipment, we can only offer Full refund in store credits OR Partial refund to credit card net of 5% bank processing & handling fee. We appreciate your kind understanding*

We are unable to cancel or refund order after the order is shipped (accordingly to our internal post record), as the parcel would be in transit and we would not be able to recall or cancel the delivery. No refund will be granted in this case. 

Item Problems

We have implemented technology in every step of our packing process in order to avoid packaging mistakes and keep record.

We scan all items per order before sealing the package. If you find out the item has any of the following situations, please submit refund request:

-Item is missing- an item is missing from what you ordered (Please note your order may be split into more than one package. Although we usually ship out the shipments per order on the same day, shipments may not arrive at the same time due to custom clearance time may vary.)

-Wrong item received, if your ordered item does not match the item received in name and size. (Please note picture on our website is for reference only. Manufacturer sometimes change the picture of product package.)

-Item is damaged- the item you received is damaged or defected.

We do not accept any refund or returns because of change of the customer’s personal preference in any case, but in such case please contact us, we will try to make arrangement and courtesy for you.

(See Cancellation, Return & Refund Section for refund process)

III. Shipment Delivery

Our contracted postal courier offers estimated 4-14 “business days” shipping service and order delivery by USPS in US side. However, the actual delivery time can be impacted by many factors that beyond our and USPS controls. The factors include but not limit to extreme weather condition, custom inspection time, general package volume etc. As the estimated time is not guaranteed, order is not refundable in the case the order package does not deliver within the estimated delivery time range.

Shipment Delay "25 Business Day Delivery Coverage" 

Our Risk-Free Shopping Policy is to safeguard customer’s best interest in the case when the order package “is not delivered” to you within 25 business days after the day we ship your package, then you can choose to either return or take a 20% deduction of your package, with the following terms & conditions and exclusion:

The shipment date is in according to the tracking information provided by and found in USPS. The first business day is counted and starts from the second day after the USPS tracking status shows “acceptance.” The status “acceptance” on USPS tracking means the package has been shipped from us. Please also note the dates shown for “acceptance” and “Processing in Hong Kong” are in HK time and thus needed to be converted to US time in you region.


1. 25 business day is based on the first attempt of delivery and does not count the 2nd attempt of delivery.

2. Extreme weather condition, any HK/US government announced weather condition such as hurricane, snowstorm, wildfire that impact postal services.

3. USPS publicly announced situations, such as pandemic, labor strike, fire, public safety etc. Click here to see USPS Service alerts. 

4. You provided an incorrect and undeliverable address that caused the order needs to be redirected or returned back to us.

If your shipment is not delivered on the 25th business day mentioned above, you may contact us by email or send us message in you Miko Place account. we usually take 1 business day to approve the refund if the claim meets the terms & conditions above.

When you later receive the package after the refund is processed, you can choose either

-Option 1: Keep the package. We will recharge you the package value with 20% discount. or

-Option 2: Return the package*. You will need to send back the package to us with our prepaid shipping label provided by us.

*If you choose to return the package, you will be required to send out the package within 14 days after the return request is approved and the return item must be in the original condition as we sent to you. If the package is not sent out within 14 days, we will consider you choose Option 1 above that you keep the package with 20% discount, and we will recharge the credit card with the new amount.

For order is split into multiple shipments, we will only refund or compensate to the particular shipment with delay or loss shipment but not the whole order with all shipments.


“Is not delivered” means the tracking number does not show “delivered” and you do not receive the package according to the USPS tracking.

“Business day" excludes Saturday, Sunday and public holidays in United States and Hong Kong

Shipment Gets Returned Back to Us

For any reason you provided the wrong address and unreachable address, and that package is returned back to us, we will refund you the package value after deduction of the shipping fee we paid for the postal carrier. We will provide you the Certificate of Delivery provided by postal service with the shipping fee paid information.

For example, if you provided a wrong address and the package is returned back to us. Once we receive the returned package, we will start the refund process accordingly to the policy. For Example, If the shipment value is $38.00 and we paid $8 to postal carrier, we will refund $30 to your original credit card payment ($38-$8).

Loss of Package

If you package is not delivered after the 30th business day after the day we ship (exclude the exclusion mentioned above), the package is considered loss and we will file a claim to postal carrier. Since you have already received the refund form us, the claim action and compensation from postal carrier will return to us to cover our loss.

Refund for loss of package is determined and based on the tracking information on USPS. If your package is shown delivered but you do not receive the package, your package is not covered under “25 business day delivery coverage” policy. In this case, you will have to contact USPS to report the loss of package. You may also feel free to contact us and we will try to provide any possible help with contacting USPS and loss filing. However, we will not guarantee success of the claim to postal courier. Therefore, to avoid any loss, please make sure you provide a correct and secure address in the first place for receiving the package.

IV. Order Change, Cancellation, Refund and Return
Order Change and Cancellation

You may request to cancel, edit your order and shipping information ONLY IF your order has not been processed. We do not guarantee if we can successfully edit your order info after the order is shipped. If you request to cancel the order after the order is placed but not yet shipped, we can only offer full refund of store credits OR refund to credit card in the total of order amount net of 5% bank processing fee that the credit card institution charges anyway. Thanks for your kind understanding on the difficulty of small business operation. If you have any question about a product, please contact us before you checkout.


How to Request Refund

-Email to Please include your order number and the issue associated with the order. or

-Submit a refund request in your Miko Place “Account.” Click on the specific “Order #” and then click on “Return Request” on the top.

We only accept refund request within 7 days after the order is delivered and a photo of the item with issue is required.

Refund may be credited to your original payment method or store credit only. We reserve the right to make item replacement or refund.

V. Policy Term

Above Store policy updated 07/22/2022 12:00AM E.S.T. Any order place after the time will adopt this store policy version. To request any older version of Store policy, please email us.