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Where do you deliver to and what is the currency shown on the site?

We delivery to all 50 states in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska

Currency shown on our site is in $USD.

Why check out is declined?

There are usually 2 reasons in the following:

1.Your credit/ debit card does not have enough/available fund

2. Your billing address does not match with the record of credit card issuing bank. (Please double check the billing zip code)

What is the delivery option?

When you order at $38 or above, you will receive free shipping* automatically at check-out.

We ship to all 50 states in USA, including Hawaii and Alaska

*Free shipping question,  please check out our Shipping & Delivery FAQ and Risk Free shopping policy.

 *¹Free Shipping for order $38+ to the US continental states and it does not apply to the US outer islands including Hawaii and the area with first 3-digit zips code of 006-009, 967-969, 995-999 as the shipping cost is much higher caused by shortage of flight availability for these area. We will remove or reduce the surcharge accordingly to the shipping courier's shipping rate. We will remove or adjust once the HK Post imail service is resumed for this area. For this area, a flat shipping rate $20 is applied for order total under $110 or 12% shipping surcharge for order over $110. You will see the additional surcharge automatically appear for these states at check out before payment.  You can visit COVID-19 Service Change & Impact for detail.

How do I check my order status?

Use Desktop/Tablet After you sign into Miko Place store account, go to “Order” tab then click on the specific order # you want to check. You will see your order detail, status and USPS tracking number(s) per order.

Use Smart Phone After you sign into Miko Place store account , click on the square button at the top left corner of the screen and select "Order" under "Account." Then click on the specific order # you want to check. You will see your order detail, status and USPS tracking number(s) per order.

What payment method do you take?

We accept credit card payment of VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discovery

PayPal payment option will be coming soon.

Is my payment and personal information secure?

It is our top priority to secure your data on our website. For this reason we have installed a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The SSL certificate is the most widely deployed security protocol used today.

SSL is installed on our web server to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and logins, and more recently is becoming the norm when securing browsing of social media sites. SSL Certificates activate the padlock and the https protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser.

How do I get coupon code and how to apply?

Yes, please login to your Miko Rewards account/store account every time you make a purchase so you can earn points to redeem rewards (coupons/gifts) and get upgraded to higher tier to even enjoy more discount and surprises. Check Miko Rewards page for detail.

We launch different promotions from time to time, and the promotions operate in the form of promotion code. Each promotion code carries different offers, for offer details please refer to the terms and conditions of the related promotion.

Please make sure you follow our social media (Like our Facebook page, Wechat and Instagram, etc.) as we post our promotion from time to time.

During promotion period, you can enter the promotion code during checkout process. On the checkout page you will see where it ask you to input the coupon code.


Shipping & Delivery

How long will I receive my package?

Our package ships from warehouse in Hong Kong and/or Japan. We usually take 1 to 2 business day(s) to prepare and process the order. During periods of higher demand, orders may take longer time to process.

Once we ship out your package, it usually and estimated take 4 to 10 business days to delivery.

My estimated delivery date has passed but I still have not received my order?

Occasionally, order may get delivered later than the estimated time etc.

The delivery service can be impacted by USPS operation or random custom inspection, re-routed delivery, weather related condition, incidental case, increased parcel volume, etc.

Those conditions caused by delivery service are beyond our control and thus the estimated delivery time is not guaranteed.

However, your order is protected and covered by our Risk Free Shopping Policy that you may choose to cancel and refund the order or receive 20% compensation if order takes longer than 25 business day* to delivery. (with some exception). Please click to see detail for Risk Free Shopping Policy.

*25 business day counts from the day we ship your package.

*Please note the delay term is not applicable for COVID-19 because of flights availability is unstable during COVID-19, please refer to COVID-19 Service Change & Impact for detail

How much is the shipping cost?

When you order over $38 or above, you will automatically receive free shipping at check-out.

We ship to all 50 states in USA, including Hawaii and Alaska.

*Free Shipping for order $38 US continental states. (Outer islands include Hawaii and the area with first 3-digit zips code of 006-009, 967-969, 995-999 still have 17% surcharge due to flight shortage.) You will see the additional surcharge automatically appear for these states at check out before payment). We will remove or adjust once the HK Post imail service is resumed for this area. You can visit COVID-19 Service Change & Impact for detail.

How to track my shipping?

Please note your order may be split to multiple shipment(s) as per the size/weight requirements of the postal courier and thus your order may show multiple tracking numbers.

1.You can find your Tracking Number(s) by email. You will receive an automated email with your order shipment(s) tracking number(s) once your order is processed and all the package(s) are shipped. Please also check your Junk/ Spam email folder.

2. You can check out Track Your Order web page to immediately check your order (input order number and email address)

3. or You can login to your Miko Place store account and click on "my order". Then you click on the specific "order #" that you have placed, you will see your order detail, status and USPS tracking number(s) per order.


How to read the tracking information?

Click here to see tracking guide


My order seems missing some item(s).

Please note order may be split into more than one shipment due to package size and/or weight limitation by our contracted postal carrier. We usually ship out all shipment(s) per order on the same day but shipments may not arrive all together at the same day due to custom clearance time may vary and shipments may fall into different batches in post carrier’s transition process.

A tracking number is associated with each shipment package and an order may contains more than one tracking number per the circumstance mentioned above. Tracking number(s) per order is sent to your registered email once your order is completed by us and shipped. You can also find your order and shipment info in your Miko Place account.

We have implemented scanning system to avoid missing item that all items per order is scanned and confirmed completion before we seal the package. If you still cannot find the item, please contact us with proof of pictures or video and we will review our scanning record to further assist you.


The shipping address I provided was incorrect, how can I change?

Please review the order confirmation email once your order is placed and contact us by email immediately if you see there is a typo.


The first thing you do is contact us IMMEDIATELY, we can correct the address if the package is not shipped.

Once the package is shipped, we may not able to change address as the limitation on sender. But you may contact USPS or your local post office to redirect the shipment if the shipment is on the way. You can contact us and we will do try our best to help out.


Return & Refund

Can I cancel/edit my order?

You may request to cancel, change you order and shipping information ONLY IF your order has not been processed. We may help you to cancel/change the order ONLY IF the order status shows “waiting for fulfillment.”

You may log in to you Miko Place account and click on the specific “order #” to see the order status.

You may send us an email to hold on the order.

Can I return my order?

We cannot accept any refund or returns because of the customer’s personal circumstances in any case, but in such case please contact us, we will try to make arrangement and courtesy for you.

We have implemented technology in every step of our packing process in order to avoid packaging mistakes and keep record. We scan all items per order before sealing the package.

If the product(s) is/are found defected, incompletely packaged or with suspected quality issues, please keep the photo(s) of the product(s) as record and we will arrange product replacement or refund whenever necessary.

We will accept return or refund (refund can be either store credit or credit card refund)

1. If any of your item is missing, damaged, or wrong item you may submit a Return Request, see below, within 7 business day with picture of the item with problem.

2. If your order is lost or not delivered more than 25 business days, you may request return ( with some exception). For detail please check out our Risk Free Shopping Policy.

3. For item that is somewhat damaged and not recognized or refunded by the vendor, we can offer a store courtesy refund in store credits only.

My package is delayed, can I request refund?

You may request refund if package does not deliver to you in 25 business days.(with some exception) Please click Risk Free Shopping Policy for more detail.

Our contracted postal courier offers estimated 4-8 business day shipping service and order delivery by USPS in US side. Our delivery statistics shows 92% delivery reach within the 4 - 8 business days standard; however, the actual delivery time is impacted by many factors which are beyond either our or USPS's control. The factors include but not limit to extreme weather condition, custom inspection time, general package volume etc.

As the estimated time is not guaranteed, order is not refundable in the case the order package does not deliver within the estimated delivery time range. However, we have a Risk Free Shopping Policy to safeguard customer’s best interest in the case the order package does not deliver to you in 25 business days, then you can choose to either refund or offer a 20% deduction of your package. 

How to request refund or return?

1. Email to

2. or Submit a refund request in “My Account.” Click on the specific “Order #” and then click on “Return Request” is on the top

We only accept refund request within 7 days after the order is delivered and a photo of the item with issue is usually required.


Product Quality 

Is your product legitimate and quality of product?

We only source products from qualified and reputable suppliers and distributors.

Unlike many online shops that part of their product are sold by third party sellers, products on our site are fully owned by us and thus we can ensure the quality of products. 

We purchase all the product form legitimate, qualified and reputable suppliers and distributors, and then we store the products in our own warehouse in HK and Japan. All products are shipped from our warehouse and the items selling  in our shop are fully owned by us.

Our Risk Free Shopping Policy guaranteed 10X dollar amount refund for fake product found.

How long is the shelf life of product ?

In order to provide fresh product, we frequently re-stock new batch of products instead of retaining large volume of items in warehouse.

Most of the products have long shelf life. We ensure the products delivered to you at least meet the minimum shelf life standard and the shelf life no less than the following:

1. For food products: 60 Best before Days (Products with mentioned short shelf life and clearance list products excluded).

2. For products other than food (Masks/Skincare/Makeup/Health & Supplement/Personal Hygiene/Mom & Babies): at least 6 months

How do you pack items for shipping?

We pack and seal your ordered items nicely and gently following our process and procedures to ensure packaging protection on your ordered items.

East package is sealed with a clear plastic bag to avoid dirt and impurities from outside environment. We also seal cosmetics items in a bag separately from food items.

We also provide extra protection to fragile items that we use extra wrapping materials such as bubble wrapper and air cushion bag to avoid motion impact.

Will I receive missing and/or has incorrect item(s)?

We have implemented technology in every step of our packing process in order to avoid packaging mistakes and keep record.

We scan all items per order before sealing the package. We have very rarely found mistakes. If you find the mistake, please feel free to contact us and we will follow up for you. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us to improve.